Things You Should Know

DJ Spooky (aka Paul D. Miller) is an incredible DJ and rhythm scientist.  He grew up in Washington, D.C.

Electronic musician BT grew up in Rockville, MD.  He attended Walter Johnson high school.

Sunny Day Real Estate was a great band, who pioneered the genre of music known as emo-core.  SDRE's Nate Mendel (bassist)
and William Goldsmith (drummer) went on to form the Foo Fighters along with Dave Grohl and Pat Smear from Nirvana.

Geoff Rickly (singer of Thursday) produced My Chemical Romance's debut album.

Former Run-D.M.C. rapper Reverend 'Run' (aka Joseph Simmons) is the brother of hip-hop legend Russell Simmons.
'Run' entered the hip-hop scene by DJing for his brother's first big act, Kurtis Blow.

Prior to Rage Against The Machine, Zack De La Rocha sang in a hardcore band named Inside Out.

Winston Rodney (a.k.a. Burning Spear) and Bob Marley were childhood neighbors

Jazz great Charles Mingus died of ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease) in Jan. 1979. 

King Tubby's real name is Osbourne Ruddock.  Born in Jamaica in 1941, Osbourne was murdered in Feb. 1989 outside of his home.
To this day, no arrest has ever been made.  King Tubby is the undisputed father of dub reggae music. 

Pantera's drummer and guitarist are siblings: Vinnie Paul is Dimebag Darrell's older brother.  R.I.P. Dimebag: 8/20/66 - 12/8/04.

Dr. Seuss' full name is Theodor Seuss Geisel.  Born in 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Dr. Dre is Warren G's older step-brother.

Chewing tobacco contains microscopic pieces of glass.




             King Tubby

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