phrases of contemplation

June 06

maybe i won't get what i was promised
but i'll punish them for their deception.

i will always choose hope over fear.

-John Dennehy

that's the kind of groove
you want to rip a solo over.



playing music is necessary.
not like air or water or food,
but it's up there

-Ian MacKaye


pick up my phone call while i walk across the nation,
confusion and confrontation chasing behind me.


three hundred and eleven crunches
smoked a spliff and vibed some hunches
saw the world as it really is
drank a gonic and flew to the moon


music is the key
to the door of life


now that can be the name of our band...

curtis b on hi-hat, bass drum
squarepants on snare, ride cymbal
mark dub jackson on chest and thigh
adam shroho on hugs and stuff


July 05

I have relocated to the DC area,
the place of my birth.
I was once a small seed in the earth,
and now my long roots have returned to the soils of their beginning.



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