Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad is relentless reggae sound. Roots reggae and experimental dub. North American International Body Music.

GPGDS has played 500 shows in the past three years, touring relentlessly and developing a widespread grassroots following. The group has performed at premier venues and festivals across the U.S. including Red Rocks and Rothbury.

In November 2009, Giant Panda released a new album LIVE UP!, which debuted at number two on iTunes' Reggae Chart. LIVE UP! is a selection of high-quality, previously unreleased live recordings, hand picked by the Rochester NY road warriors. The album exemplifies the tight musicianship and dynamic live show experience GPGDS is known for. It complements their debut studio release Slow Down (2006).

LIVE UP! is the closing statement of Giant Panda's former six-piece lineup, as they are now forging ahead as a quartet. "The reality of this band is that we're always evolving - musically, spiritually, and within our own circle," says GPGDS bassist James Searl. "LIVE UP! documents the sound and chemistry that six people shared with each other and crowds around the nation. We're excited about the future as a quartet, and eager to explore new territories."

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad is currently on tour and has already begun working on material for a new studio album.

"...heavy, air-tight dub and roots reggae pressure..." - Washington Post

"This is some of the most intense roots reggae we've ever heard..." - Knoxville's Metro Pulse

Band Members
James Searl - Bass, Vocals
Chris O'Brian - Drums, Vocals
Dylan Savage - Guitar, Vocals
Aaron Lipp - Hammond B3 Organ, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Percussion, Vocals


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