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 I like eating mixed vegetables naked. Oooh baby, I like it raw. And miso soup. Give thanks

 Thanks for the directions.  I used them to wipe the fried food poop off of my bung on the way home.  No I didn't.
 Thanks again for bringing us to the ripe land of Newark, DE, and for traveling to NYC's further fiasco.
 We like having you and Dubious around to yell at each other so we don't have to.
 No really, you guys should quit your jobs and blow your savings on Panda tour.
 No really, we should put you guys on the payroll when there is one.
 What would you want your job title to be?

 M O B
 i wish i could rap like searl..aka squirrel..aka surrr-real...but all i
 need to say is big up yourself to your entry to the podcasting
 bandwagon...even if this just means labeling your mp3's as a "podcast"
 it still kicks buy or borrow or even steal yourself a
 microphone and GIVE US LIFE VIA NEW SHOWSSSS...pleasssssssssse...that
 is all. thanks,

 Kurtis Slee and me armed with the intelligence of #3 pushed to the maximus 27 left me in delightable vegetable heaven.  With its spacious floor and
 meditation room, I can interact with my cross dimensional conscsiousness with coos coos synchronisity and zucchini wallpaper.  Dont sniff the flowers and
 always make sure your junk is cut when visiting with the vegetable slueth.  Warning A.V.I.L.E henchman is in the midst.
 Often I presuppose vegetable judgements on other cat bird mafiosos.....

 Don of Dubiosity
 Sits on his crump
 eating the bum of an old mushroom stump
 Lipp and Dorb tried to pull me to shore
 but my moves werent fresh,
 and the Don  seeming bored
 went down to the pool
 where schroeder and fools
 were screwing with tools,
 as delicious stephanie drools,
 at the vegetable suofle spread
 in weinbergers head.
 Squarewell blows rings
 as miss molly sings
 who stole my vegetable stones CD
 I got it for free
 but would have paid top dollar if mutti would let me
 and Granbobs sings songs
 of back in bavaria
 this is my favorite food to swing
 Im gonna cut out all my swine
 except for the guay farm
 Im comin back at you with some meat lard
 mixed vegetables is my favorite moon to visit in times of trouble I light
 a match and hope my belt buckle dont burn.

 Who is David Mirkin
 Who really stole nasel's car?
 Who is Papa B???


Mixed Veggies are yummy even in a potato planet like Idaho.  One time I fed my mixed veggies lots of beer.  They were slithering this way and that.

 Potato Crack

 On a warm summer day long ago I bought the perfect ice cream cone filled with a sensational twist of vanilla and chocolate soft-serve topped with
 dazzling rainbow jimmies.  I wondered at its beauty, staring at it with eyes wide and mouth agape.  Oh how wonderful it looked! But, much to my dismay,
 my usually sure feet failed me and I toppled down a flight of unforgiving stairs.  How I cried.  My day and life were ruined!  Then, as I stood up and
 wiped my tears away, a gentle giant appeared before me.  He saw my sorry state and took pity upon me.  He bought me a bigger, better, and MORE perfect
 ice cream cone.  From that day forth, I have loved Curtis more than anyone has ever loved anything.  Thank you Curtis!



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