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 Song Name  Comments
 Aphex Twin  Drukqs (disc 1) 2, 9  Vordhosbn / Avril 14th face behind the name
 Armor For Sleep  Dream To Make Believe 7  Frost And Front Steps  
 Bad Religion  The Empire Strikes First 7  Let Them Eat War  
 Bane  Give Blood 4, 6, 7  Release The Hounds / Ante Up / Bang The Drum Slowly
 Beatles, The  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 7, 13  Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite /
 A Day In The Life
 BoySetsFire  Tomorrow Come Today 9  Management vs. Labor from Delaware
 Circa Survive  Juturna 3  Wish Resign  
 Cranberries, The  No Need To Argue 2, 4  I Can't Be With You / Zombie  
 Cujo  Adventures In Foam 2, 14  Traffic / Cruzer aka Amon Tobin
 Elliott  False Cathedrals 4, 11  Drive On To Me / Lie Close  
 Eric Johnson  Ah Via Musicom 2  Cliffs Of Dover  
 Farside  Rigged 6  Gesture  
 Fretblanket  Junkfuel 7  Now We're 30  
 Gameface  Three To Get Ready 7, 10  June / Gibberish  
 Get Up Kids, The  Something To Write Home About 6, 9  Ten Minutes / I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel  
 Helmet  Meantime 4  Unsung  
 Hot Water Music  No Division 7  Jet Set Ready  
 Hot Water Music  The New What Next 3  All Heads Down their third album on Epitaph
 Incubus  Morning View 10  Have You Ever  
 Jazz Is Dead  Laughing Water 8  Weather Report Suite (Pt. 2) (Let It Grow)  
 Jimmy Eat World  Static Prevails 2, 4  Rockstar / Call It In The Air their second full-length album. 1996
 Kanye West  Late Registration 11, 19  Addiction / Gone  
 Karsh Kale  Realize 7, 8  One Step Beyond / Saajana great album
 Kerbdog  Kerbdog 9  Schism from Ireland
 K-Os  Joyful Rebellion 10  Dirty Water  
 Living Colour  Time's Up 15  This Is The Life  
 Lutan Fyah  Healthy Lifestyle 1  Thief In Jah Garden  
 Madvillain  Madvillainy 20  All Caps  
 Minus The Bear  Menos El Oso 6  Pachuca Sunrise  
 National Skyline  National Skyline 1  Metropolis beautiful
 New Deal, The  The New Deal 4, 9  Self Orbit / Technobeam from Canada
 Nightmare Of You  Nightmare Of You 4  My Name Is Trouble nightmareofyou.com
 Pedro The Lion  Control 2, 6  Rapture / Magazine  
 Phish  Slip, Stitch and Pass 9  Taste live in Hamburg, Germany 3/1/97
 Postal Service, The  Give Up 2, 4  Such Great Heights / Nothing Better  
 Pulley  Pulley 4  Gone  
 Rage Against The Machine  Rage Against The Machine 7  Wake Up  
 Rival Schools  United By Fate 8, 12  The Switch / So Down On  
 RJD2  Since We Last Spoke 9  Iced Lightning  
 Seed  Ling 8  Doe the only good song on the album
 Snapcase  Progression Through Unlearning 7, 10  She Suffocates / Breaking And Reaching  
 Split Lip  For The Love Of The Wounded 2  Sleep changed their name to Chamberlain
 Squarepusher  Big Loada 2, 4  Journey To Reedham / Massif (Stay Strong) face behind the name
 Tabla Beat Science  Tala Matrix 4, 8  Dontworry.com / Triangular Objects  
 Therapy?  Troublegum 2  Screamager  
 Third Eye Blind  Blue 2  Wounded  
 Thursday  Full Collapse 9  Standing On The Edge Of Summer  
 Thursday  Asleep In The Chapel 6  War All The Time  
 Up Up Down Down Left... ...Right Left Right B A Start  And Nothing Is #1 9  Muscle, When Will I See It?  
 Weezer  Weezer 10  Only In Dreams  

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