Evaluations of Brooklyn

July 8, 2008    Real estate in Park Slope and Williamsburg is very expensive.

7.21.07    If you go to Coney Island, be sure to ride the "Cyclone" roller coaster.  This rickety, jolty, historical beast is too much fun to pass up!  The 3 minutes of high-adrenaline punishment are well worth the $6.  And your second ride only cost $4. 

    Hanging up curtains in your new bedroom at 4:30 in the morning can give you a sense of accomplishment.  And a darker morning's sleep. 

6.6.07    Today on Flatbush I saw a man brushing his teeth while driving an SUV.  Dental hygiene is important, but multi-tasking can be dangerous.

6.5.07    I was walking up Bergen Street at 1:45 AM and I saw a trash truck in the near distance.  As I approached the stopped truck, I saw the trash man pulling an emptied dumpster away from the truck.  We made momentary eye contact and I said "What's up man".  The young trash man gave me a friendly nod in return.
Trash men take out the trash any hour of the day here.  New York City makes a ton of trash. 

June 1, 2007    A block in Prospect Heights is much longer than a block in Williamsburg.


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