MAY 2006 News

It has been almost 1 year since my last radio show (May 30, 2005).  I can't take it any longer!
A brand new Mixed Vegetables radio show will be posted on for your listening pleasure in the very near future!  Get ready for the truth.

Check out Tric Zine #22 for a small review of the Mixed Vegetables radio show.
Tric Zine is a free DIY zine based out of DE.  Pick up a free copy at various locations around Newark.

 November 2005 News

I haven't done a radio show since the end of May!  I am aggravated and dying to get back on the airwaves.  Hopefully this will be happening sometime soon.  Look out DC area, celery celebrations of insanity and musical mayhem are heading your way!

recent news:

After putting on 7 successful concerts in the land of Newark DElaware, Arugula Promotions made its debut in Maryland on Mon. August 8: upstate NY's the Mountain Mojo Authority performed @ Thyme Out.

There are lots of new songs in the Listen To Music section.   

I have moved to the DC area, adios Delaware.  Right now I am cooking up many musical delicacies in my vegetable laboratory.  I will be back on the radio in the MD or DC area sometime soon.  Until then, check out the downloadable music and some of my old radio shows here at !

The last Mixed Vegetables broadcast ever on WVUD, was on Monday,  May 30  from  3 - 5 pm.

The 100th Mixed Vegetables radio show is now up on the internet!  Click here to hear the celery cronk.

My buddy Harlan was a guest on my May 4th radio broadcast.  He is 12 years old and a fan of my show.  Harlan did a great job and is sure to be in the NHL someday.

Unfortunately, I did not do a live show on Wednesday, May 11.  I was up in Ithaca, NY for music...  Bam Sequence vs. Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad.  Friends from around the nation gathered for the good times and the cronk rage. 

I raged an all Reggae & Dub radio show on 4-20 (Weds., April 20).

The 100th Mixed Vegetables radio broadcast happened on Wednesday, April 6.  Some crazy shaiizah went down! 

There was a newspaper article on Curtis B and college radio in the Friday March 18th, 2005 issue of "The Review".  Read it.

Click here to listen to some old Mixed Vegetables radio shows.  Each show is 80 minutes long.